Super Summer


Super Summer is a four week summer program for children entering Kindergarten through 6th grade. During the month of July, New Colony Baptist Church invites children from Billerica and surrounding communities to join us for songs, crafts, sports and music as we learn about God and His love for us. Through Bible stories and prayer time the children get a better understanding of Jesus, his life and his love.

New Colony is a member of the Baptist Convention of New England. Through that network we are able to invite teams to visit Billerica to plan and conduct each Super Summer week. We have, in the past, had teams from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. Each team brings with it a minimum of 15 members, often youth groups, who have planned an exciting week to share with the children.

During Arts & Crafts Week the children enjoy making unique crafts, often these crafts are silly and fun and other ones reinforce a bible story. During this week children also spend time playing out the field behind our facility.

Adventure Week is a week of skits and songs learning about Jesus. The children are often asked to participate in skits depicting Bible stories and sometimes the adults dress up in period clothing and put on the skits themselves.

Sports Week is always fun and different. Sometimes a team will teach children the basics of specific sports such as soccer and basketball. Other years we've had teams play a different sport each day with the children.

Our last week is Music Week. Our Director of Music, Rev. Angie Harrington, directs Music week during which she leads our youth and adult members in teaching the children songs, skits and dances. The children end music week by putting on a musical for their parents.

The Super Summer staff includes the director, Robyn Marsh, and two summer missionaries. The missionaries are college students who join us for 6 weeks to help prepare for camp and assist the director during the four weeks of camp.

Our Pastor, Dr. Phil Wilkes, and many of our regular members work to help make the camp an exciting and joyous time for the participants.

We are concerned with the safety of your children. In order to create a safe environment, we have a structured drop off/pick up routine during which we guide each child directly into the church. They are then supervised the entire morning with no less than two adults at all times. Our director is certified in first aid and CPR.

Currently, our price for attending Super Summer is $25.00 for each child, each week attended with a one-time registration fee of $15 per child. If you would like more information, you can email Robyn Marsh at or call New Colony Baptist Church at 978-663-4773.

We welcome all children to join us for a fun-filled Super Summer!


“This is the best kept secret in Billerica.”
“You guys do an awesome job!”

“What a wonderful program, my son is still singing the songs he learned!”
“Thank you New Colony for such a wonderful program.”