It’s Your Move

In The Storm

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Speaker: Dr. Phil Wilkes
Series: It’s Your Move
Date: January 19, 2020
Download: In The Storm
Scriptures: Genesis 47:3-7
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It would make a good movie. There’s intrigue. Family betrayal. Cover-ups. Scheming. One of many brothers is dad’s favorite. His siblings despise him and hatch a plan to sell him to a traveling caravan headed to the city. He is sold again to a royal official of Pharoah.

While the situation looks hopeless God is at work. When the storm hits Joseph, how does he respond? Ultimately he is reunited with his brothers, who betrayed him, and his dad. God helps Joseph become second in command of Egypt to help prepare for a severe famine and to save his family.

Joseph kept his focus on the Lord even through difficult times. How do you respond to trouble, crisis and life storms? What do you do when someone hurts you?

Like Joseph, you can trust that God is working in you and through you. Who knows, God may use you to prevent a storm in someone else’s life.