For all children entering kindergarten through the completion of sixth grade (age 12).

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There is an additional $20 non-refundable registration fee for each child registered.
Note: The first two weeks in July,
 Sports and Adventure weeks, have reached capacity and we are no longer taking any further registrations for them. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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T-shirt Size (select one). Children who are registered prior to June 10th will receive the size ordered. After June 10th t-shirt sizes will be based on availability.

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In consideration of the opportunity for my child to participate in Super Summer, I hereby agree to indemnify and defend New Colony Baptist Church and cooperating congregations, as well as officers, employees, chaperones, representatives, and volunteers thereof, from: 1) all liability for any property damaged by, personal injury to, or loss of consortium of my child, and 2) all liability whatsoever, arising from any acts or omissions of my child.

We have read the policy for discipline at Super Summer. The expectations for behavior are understood, as well as the consequences. We agree to abide by both.

By signing this registration form, I am granting New Colony Baptist Church, and other ministries associated with this Super Summer activity the right to use any images taken during Super Summer related activities to be used for internal and promotional purposes. 

Emergency Medical Treatment

I also hereby give my permission for the Super Summer staff of New Colony Baptist Church to administer basic first aid and/or CPR to my child and/or take my child to a hospital for medical attention when I cannot be reached, or when a delay could be dangerous to my child’s health.

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