Worshipping God

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

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Speaker: Dr. Phil Wilkes
Series: Worshipping God
Date: November 3, 2019
Download: O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
Plays: 12
Scriptures: Psalm 139
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The message title comes from an old hymn by a man who lost his vision, his fiancée broke up with him and his sister who had been his eyes for 20 years was now leaving to get married. It was a very hard time for him.

He turns his heart completely toward Christ. This hymn reminds us that we are never out of God’s presence. Wherever you are, whatever your need, no matter how dark it might get for you-this author reminds us of God’s presence.

Sometimes when life gets hard, some who you thought were friends will stop coming around. They don’t want to be involved in a messy, hard live. Yet Christ tells us that he will always be with those who are his disciples. He will carry your burdens. The Lord will renew you and meet your needs. Keep your focus on Christ.