Lake Rules


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Speaker: Dr. Phil Wilkes
Series: Lake Rules
Date: August 26, 2018
Download: Relax
Scriptures: John 14:27

We live in an anxious, stress filled world and seek to find peace and relaxation. People search and look for this peace that will help them relax. Some will go deep in debt thinking the next big purchase will provide what they are missing. Others seek a relationship or pour themselves into their job. Some will turn to religion. Those who are bound to a rules keeping faith will always be plagued with doubts and guilt. They never know if they have done enough to earn their way into heave.

Then there are some who seem to have peace even when life is chaotic and hard. They have discovered freedom, peace and ability to relax comes from a relationship with Jesus. The Lord even tells us that he came to give us His peace.

What about you? Where do you turn in life’s hardships and challenges? Do you experience peace in the middle of the junk? Are you able to relax despite what you face? Jesus invites you to have a relationship with him. It’s your move.