A Clear Focus

The Communication Priority

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Speaker: Dr. Phil Wilkes
Series: A Clear Focus
Date: February 23, 2020
Download: The Communication Priority
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Scriptures: 1 Timothy 2:1-2
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Any home builder knows the importance and priority of having a good foundation. In the same sense Christians need to understand the priority of prayer in their spiritual growth and in the local church fulfilling Jesus instruction to go make disciples. Without corporate prayer a church will be weak, ineffective in seeing lives transformed by Christ and powerless.

Do you want to see family, neighbors and coworkers put their faith in Jesus Christ? Do you want to see your local church be used by God to care for people? It starts with a church-wide prayer service by Christians in the local church. A prayer-less church is a powerless church. Yet when the believers in the local church gather together for the purpose of praying for God to use them great works will take place. People will give their lives to Jesus as Savior and Lord. Christians will not be satisfied with lukewarm faith. Believers in that church will want to serve others in their church family and in the community.

Having a clear focus on the Lord and what he desires for his people starts with the communication priority of spending time with God, both personally and as a church. Be that prayer catalyst in your church!