A Thanks-Giving Life

The Right Response

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Speaker: Dr. Phil Wilkes
Series: A Thanks-Giving Life
Date: November 18, 2018
Download: The Right Response
Scriptures: I Thessalonians 3:1-13

How do you respond when someone does something for you? Maybe it’s a surprise birthday party. Perhaps someone brought meals to you while recovering from surgery. Maybe a classmate took time to tutor you for free. Someone you asked to pray for you actually does so.

Jesus showed us how ten men responded to a request they made. These ten guys were lepers which meant they could never live with their families, never go into the city, never worship at the temple or have human touch from loved ones. Long before the disease would kill someone they would die on the inside from lack of human interaction and love.

But one day ten lepers experienced what many could only dream of happening. They called out to Jesus to have mercy on them and to heal them. The Lord Jesus granted their request. Here’s where it gets interesting. Ten men just had their lives given back to them. How will they respond to Jesus?

How do you respond to the Lord for all his blessings? How do you respond to others who go out of their way to help you?

As followers of Jesus there is only one acceptable response. We are to allow our lives to become a Thanks Giving Life.